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A Game to Remember

The best game of laser tag that I played up to this point during my Georgia trip was one that almost didn’t happen. So often the interactions that I have with the staff have a tremendous impact on my impression of a laser tag site. This was absolutely the case when I visited Bowlero of Kennesaw, GA and I had a wonderful time as a result of one employee’s dedication to providing an excellent customer experience. I hope they make Austin the employee of the month!

When I arrived and said I wanted to play a game of laser tag he apologized and told me the laser tag was down. What?! I inquired about the reason and was told that it was because several of the packs were not working. I looked over at the monitor and saw they were running an end-of-life system (that happens to also be my sentimental favorite) so I explained to him that I understand exactly what the situation is, but also that I was not concerned at all with whether it was functioning perfectly. I told him I was on my way towards playing my 500th arena soon and I simply wanted to be able to play a game (even a 1v1) just so I could add it to my count as my final stop in Georgia this night. I did not care at all if the packs were acting quirky as long as I could trade a few shots in a game. Well, when he heard why this stop mattered to me he made the decision to place customer service first and took me back to the arena for a 1v1 game and it truly was the best game I had played all day!

As we entered the briefing room I told him that if the Legend pack was functioning at all that I wanted to play on that one, so he looked for my pack and found it on the rack. He said he wasn’t sure whether it was working, but as soon as I pulled the trigger my old friend Legend came to life in my hands and lit right up glowing red! Game on!

We entered the arena. As I expected (having played at many other Bowlero locations) their single level space was a CW maze and the game flowed perfectly.

Austin gave me some excellent competition, but I could tell he really didn’t expect me to play for real and land shots the way I did, especially considering the initial concerns about the system. However, this is MY system and I adored every moment of this game (especially Austin’s surprised reactions every single time I tagged him). The truth is, because Rift is at the end of its system life at any arena where it is still in use, at some point it will be replaced and I will no longer get to experience this version that still feels like home to me. That was almost the case here. But for this one night I had a chance to love playing on it again and I thank Austin for recognizing that for this one instance it was worth making an exception. Following the game I ordered some food for the road and thanked him once more for making it happen. This is why Bowlero of Kennesaw will be memorable to me and I feel so fortunate that I got to experience it. Thank you!!!

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