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A Home Run Laser Tag Concept

Operation Laser Tag is a hidden gem (perhaps a gem like a diamond…a baseball diamond!) tucked away inside a real life Field of Dreams. It’s co-located with the Puzzle Parlour at Ballparks of America in Branson, MO and to understand and appreciate what it is I think you have to know a bit about where it is.

Antoine who runs the entertainment activities at the facility met me upon my arrival and explained to me that the laser tag and escape room are part of a really interesting complex.

Ballparks of America is a huge campus that was created to be a premier baseball experience for youth teams to experience tournament competition playing baseball at replicas of famous major league ballparks. It was built at the site of a former outlet mall that had closed down, which make ms it a really unique venue. During the baseball season over the summer approximately 32 teams stay on the campus every week, so the laser tag and escape rooms were added to be entertainment for the players and their families.

Only in the past year have these entertainment options been opened up to public groups to enjoy as well. And because they are in the heart of a major tourism city the summer is also the prime season for public visitors. However, I visited during the off season in February, so I was quite lucky to experience a private tour of the facility and a 1v1 game experience at Operation Laser Tag with Antoine.

Operation Laser Tag runs Battle Company’s Battle Rifle Pro gear. I put my head sensor on and picked up a tagger, ready to enjoy a game.

The arena is spread across two large room spaces. Although the maze structure has a simple wooden design with team color accents and decorative targets, the fact that this was formerly a mall means some of those distinctive touches remain. I’ve had a few occasions to play in arenas that you could tell previously housed a retail store and, quite frankly, I love the way this can add character to a space. Tagging throughout what might have been a dressing room in a previous incarnation is really kind of cool! I’m love knowing the history of this space because it makes it all the more unusual.

I liked the set-up of the space and, although we opted to play with full lights, I can see this space being a lot of fun when dimmed to more typical arena lighting as well. There were plenty of cut-outs and places to tuck in and find a strategic location.

I’m a 1v1 game it’s tough to experience the full spectrum of game possibilities, but when groups play they play multiple games within a session. They can run a basic Team Deathmatch or mix it up with more tactical game formats. If you book a session with a group there are lot of options and I can see why this is a perfect fit as entertainment for the baseball players as well.

When I first arrived at Ballparks of America I was perplexed by how these pieces all fit together, but having seen the grounds and now played at Operation Laser Tag I can truly appreciate what an amazingly unique complex this is and I think it is brilliant that they have incorporated laser tag as part of it all. Talk about a home run experience!

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