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Amusement Expo International: Laser Tag Education Panels

I arrived in Las Vegas excited for this year’s Amusement Expo International to get underway with two full days of education panels. I was on the schedule as moderator for a panel called “Laser Tag Operator Perspectives” where I would be interviewing three long-term laser tag operators, each with between one to two decades of experience in the industry.

However, this program was to take place later in the schedule. There was a nice line-up of laser tag education offered throughout the day on Tuesday.

The morning began with a program moderated by Shane Zimmerman of Delta Strike USA “Making the Case for a Laser Tag Champion” with panelists Trent Coggins, Rico Torres and Archie Wright who had some excellent thoughts about maximizing the potential of promising staff within a laser tag business.

A second panel about “Upgrading the 3 E’s of Laser Tag: Equipment, Environment and Experience” was moderated by Dave Wallace and featured opinions and ideas from Shane Zimmerman as well as Danny Gruening and Russ Van Natta from Creative Works.

The panel I was moderating featured guest panelists and laser tag owners Jenna Boyo of Planet Lazer Kelowna, Jarett Waite of Laser Mania Family Fun Center and Bronwyn Caster of Invasion Laser Tag. We had prepared a variety of discussion topics intended to be useful perspectives for other laser tag operators. The panel received some very positive feedback at the end.

I was delighted to provide the moderation and we recorded the session to be shared as part of an upcoming podcast episode.

My thanks to my panelists for joining me and offering other operators the benefit of their years of experience.

Also, thanks to the operators who attended the event. The first two days of this event are a great opportunity for meeting industry professionals and networking.

I especially want to thank Amusement Expo International for prioritizing and valuing laser tag education and taking the steps to make sure laser tag was well represented during this year’s event.

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