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An Epic Adventure Begins

To kick off an epic adventure in Austin what could be more appropriate than beginning with a visit to Epic Fun?

This location has also had an epic comeback, reopening just two weeks ago under new ownership after having closed at the start of the pandemic. I’m delighted that this arena has a fresh start because it is really something special. The upper level is sort of a wide mezzanine style overlooking an Avatar themed forest below.

While the structure of the maze is simple, the aesthetic is breathtaking!

Often times I can identify the arena designer’s work, but this one was unique and not something I recognize. Possibly Studio 41b?

This arena just pops under the lights! It’s a small to mid-size space with base housings in either corner opposite the upper level.

Something I find interesting is that this site is operating with Helios CE, but also has…video bases!

This makes me wonder if they might have been on the verge of an upgrade before the pandemic, simply because those bases are clearly a fairly new addition.

The pandemic forced the closure of so many wonderful laser tag arenas, but I am delighted to see that this one is getting it’s second life. And, having only reopened two weeks ago, I am glad the timing was right that I was able to experience Epic Fun in Austin for myself!

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