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An Ultra (Zone) Cool Ring!

I am absolutely over the moon about this super cool piece of jewelry! It is a ring crafted from an actual Ultrazone token by an Etsy artisan, Robin of CoinRingAndForgeCo, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

I think crafting using tokens is such a clever way to preserve a small and often forgotten piece of the laser tag experience. For my post-millennial readers, a token is what we used to drop into the arcade games in between laser tag rounds back before swipe cards, lol!

Seriously, when I saw this, I couldn’t believe my eyes and I knew I needed this to be part of my collection. I will be wearing it when I play in the Zone Nats in a couple of weeks at Ultrazone Bensalem. Hmmm.…wouldn’t it be cool if that was the UZ site where the token came from in the first place? :)

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