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Aruba, Jamaica, Missouri? …Way Down to Kokomo Joe’s

On my recent trip to Missouri, the first arena I visited was Kokomo Joe’s in in St. Peter’s, MO.

This is where my first St. Louis “blues” were flashing on my CyberBlast vest.

Inside the arena featured a boardwalk amusement theme on a mostly single level with a few raised platform areas.

Bases were tucked away behind alcoves like this one for cover.

And there was one notable characteristic of this arena that was very well suited for the “Fun House” motif.

What I’m talking about are several well-placed large mirrors scattered throughout the arena.

Never has a fun house mirror been so enjoyable as when I could tag off a reflection from halfway across the room! There were some excellent (and often unexpected) reflective angles for tagging here and it added a bit more interest to the game. I had a great time and it was a nice way to start my tag explorations of the St. Louis surrounding area. Next time you’re looking for a mini-getaway in this area there’s no need to go for Bermuda or Bahamas…go down to Kokomo (Joe’s)!

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