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Celebrating with Lasers

Is it considered birthday bashing if it’s your own birthday and everyone in the arena is over 21? Asking for a friend. Lol, seriously though, what better way to celebrate my birthday weekend than going out for sushi and laser tag.

Visiting an arena I haven’t been to in quite awhile was a great start. Playing the system that used to be second nature to me was even better. For the first time in literally years I once again picked up a red Rift pack (don’t knock my first!) and played once again with my favorite pack name from back in the day. Yes, I got to play again as Legend.

Different place, different space, but it still fits like a glove and felt very nostalgic to have this phaser in my hands again. Of course I love playing on newer equipment, but there is just something about your first love. Technically I first played on Infusion, but I didn’t truly love the game until Rift. Don’t even talk to me about it in comparison to others (remember I named my gecko after Helios), but on this day it didn’t feel like I was a year older. It felt more like it was eight years ago and somehow the hands of time had actually gone backwards. Such a great night!

The tag celebration continued out in Albany with a night out with friends.

And afterward we sat down for drinks and dessert and were greeted by a server I know who informed my group that “she’s kind of famous around here!” Aww, they always treat me so well at this arena, but really this was such a nice way to make a girl feel special on her birthday weekend! Thank you to everyone who sent along birthday wishes. I had a great day celebrated with some great laser tag!

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