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Completing the Mission at Mission Laser

Two Tag 4 A Cause events happened simultaneously at Mission Laser locations in Charlotte, NC and Richmond, VA, bringing our total raised for Wounded Warrior Project to over $600! My thanks to the Mission Laser team and to everyone who donated in support of this wonderful cause!

I was personally at Mission Laser Charlotte where Anish Sudalla won the golden phaser trophy with his score of 14,801.

Meanwhile in Richmond, a few tournament players were tagging for the top honors, which went to Josh (aka Phantom) with a score of 44,900!

Looks like these guys were all keeping it very competitive!

Players in both locations enjoyed playing the latest version of CyberBlast and suiting up for the game in the vesting room.

I got into a couple of games myself, using the new selfie feature on the phaser.

Both arenas (former LQ locations) have been completely reinvented! I love the new aesthetic which allows you to tag around the barrels, crates and other obstacles.

And there are interactive elements too. RVA includes projection targets while Charlotte incorporates targets with notable props like this paratrooper dropping down from above!

Mission Laser does a wonderful job creating an immersive atmosphere from start to finish.

I had a table set up as my own personal “mission control” to manage the donations coming in for Wounded Warrior Project.

And the staff at both locations were great, letting people know about the event and helping players to use the QR code to access our special fundraiser link.

Beyond just raising funds, we were raising awareness too!

I had been coordinating these events with general manager Trip Roberts for the last couple of months and want to thank him and the entire team at Mission Laser Charlotte and RVA for all their support and generosity. Every game during the event helped to support Wounded Warrior Project too!

I am delighted that I had the chance to visit and play laser tag at both Mission Laser locations during the course of my weekend travels. It was such a great experience coordinating the final Tag 4 A Cause events this quarter with Mission Laser.

If you missed the event or want to take on the Tag 4 A Cause Laser Tag 5K challenge on your own (at any laser tag arena, anywhere) you can still help us support Wounded Warrior Project through the end of the month of June. Find more info at Thank you again to everyone who came out to Tag 4 A Cause!

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