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Even More Stars

I have played at several Stars and Strikes locations before and I’m not sure why I didn’t already have the Dallas, GA location on my list, but as I was turning at an intersection only a couple of miles from my next destination I noticed their building on the corner with a big sign that said “laser tag” so of course I added one more stop!

Although not dramatically different from their other locations, it was a nice opportunity to add some Lasertron to my day. I was taken into a narrow briefing room with some cool wall graphics and a video monitor.

Then I had a 1v1 game inside a familiar looking arena (similar to other S&S locations I played) although not what you expect to see when playing Lasertron. It is a CW design instead and what I like most about this set-up is that it is such an unexpected combination.

Their space theme really pops and when I see this look I immediately now connect it with Stars and Strikes. Some multi-location FECs just have a distinctive appearance and this is what they have worked diligently to develop.

I enjoyed my impromptu stop very much. It also made up some ground to add this arena because by this point I had made the decision not to return to Atlanta tonight, so I was looking for alternative locations to visit instead of what I had originally planned. Somehow things always work out for the best and now I have one more Stars and Strikes location under my belt.

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