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Friendly Combat

I arrived in Indianapolis on Friday, ready to start my journey towards Kentucky. However, I had learned that Combat Ops had recently opened a new laser tag in town, so as soon as I got off the plane I headed over to check it out. Erik met up with me there and we prepared for some friendly combat. :)

We entered the facility and I was immediately impressed with the atmosphere. The first thing you notice is that this place is bright, colorful and fun! We got a tour from general manager Aspen Gray (who I remember from my previous visits to Fort Wayne) and he showed us some of the cool attractions on route to the arena.

First we took a look around the party rooms, decked out with some awesome airbrushed wall art.

Next we checked out the axe throwing and while I looked down (because that’s where my axe ends up every time this Lumberjack Princess tries to toss it), Erik looked up and drew my attention to the really unique lighting in the room. It’s little touches like this that make a design concept pop!

And we passed the mini golf that has some cool interactive elements along the course with a stunning theme…and a gator!

But of course you know what we were really here to see. Time for some laser tag! We entered the briefing room to find a HUGE video monitor. Erik marveled at the size (you can get perspective from the photo), but for me the clarity of the message made me fixate on it.

And then it was time to go to the vesting area where the Battle Company BR Pros were on display, lit like they were in a museum!

Aspen told us that they often have themed teams, such as “Op Security vs “Rebel Op 6”. We selected our taggers and headed into an arena where I know they plan to do even more design enhancements, but I think they have set the scene well already for an eclectic and immersive adventure.

Tag time!

The game started and we went to our respective corners. My starting point was just around the corner, and my path was lit by several utility boxes.

This arena has two levels, with playable space on the first floor beneath the towering structure above.

I started the mission heading towards the center, which gives the vibe of an antique shop ala Needful Things.

Erik and I traded tags, each sending the other back to respawn at our base. Then I decided to go where he would least expect to find me…at the top of a set of stairs!

I tagged down from this upper level window.

The game was an enjoyable opportunity to check out a brand new arena and enjoy some “friendly combat”. Sometimes when you hear the word “combat” in a name it puts you in mind of something sparse and militaristic, but this arena was full of life, color and creativity and I’m glad we had a chance to experience Combat Ops Entertainment in Indianapolis because it is well worth a visit! You can find it by looking for the huge sign out front (well done!) and I thank Aspen and the Combat Ops team for making it a memorable visit!

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