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Genesis, but No Gelato

When I entered the arena at Main Event Chesterfield I was pleasantly surprised to see a row of Delta Strike Genesis packs. Even though I know they are in use in some of their other locations, this is the first Main Event I have personally played where Genesis was in use instead of Evolution.

I have been seeking this version out more and more, so to stumble onto it was a nice bonus. I also appreciate how accommodating the staff was to snap a couple of pics for me wearing the gear so I have some better pics to add to the system page on my website.

The layout of the arena was consistent with the design most M.E. locations are doing, but the addition of the new gear really freshened up this experience. I had a great time in the laser tag arena with the Genesis, which went a long way for compensating for one thing that was missing from this particular visit…gelato.

The gelato at Main Event has recently become my favorite snack when I visit, so it was a bit of a letdown to discover the cafe closed early and I would not get my gelato today. I guess I will just have to look forward to enjoying both Genesis AND gelato next time!

However, I left and found a sweet little ice cream stand with homemade ice cream, so instead I enjoyed a bizarre looking sundae that fits right in with my search for St. Louis “blues”.

Life is good!

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