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Great Shot!

When I walked into Fun and Games in Framingham, MA I found myself face to face (or face to helmet?) with a life size astronaut statue standing underneath a massage spaceship prop suspended from above. My first thought was “this will make a great shot!”

Well, “great shot” would become the theme of this visit. They are operating with Lazer Runner and of course the packs repeat “great shot” every time you land a tag, so all throughout my game it was a constant echo of “great shot, great shot, great shot!”

However, the really great shots were of all the cool things in and around this arena.

They had some truly impressive theming going on, especially for the arena being a smaller sized space. Check this out!

There was an awesome space theme extending throughout the entire facility, from the entrance to the arcade.

According to the astronaut, this business has been part of the community for over 47 years.

Well, as they approach a milestone mark, the astronaut and I wish them well heading to fifty years and beyond!

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