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Halloween Achievement...Or Not

Time to earn the Laserforce Halloween achievement! Or, so I thought.

So I headed out for a few games, donning my cat mask as my costume, and ready to earn earn a little digital badge on my membership card for playing on Halloween. However, you’ll notice that this is not it...

This kitty is giving side eye because in spite of best intentions I could not make this happen today.

The trouble is that I learned once I got there that THIS is the actual achievement, which would require me to be playing at midnight just as the clock crosses over to the next day...ha!

With the current limited hours of operation this was just not going to be possible for me tonight. Honestly, this does not really matter to me all that much, however I figured I’d try for it anyhow since it is a rare one to obtain and it IS Halloween.

So, I ended up getting an altogether different achievement to add to a collection which I was barely even aware I had racked up.

And even though it’s a smaller personal achievement than the 5Ks I’ve been doing the last few weeks, I did laser tag over a mile during the four games I played today.

Well, it was still a good time. And achievements were secondary to wishing the Fun Warehouse a happy 12th anniversary in business as I am told they actually opened right on Halloween. Congratulations!

I’m delighted that this laser tag location was able to reopen, as this is a FAR more impressive achievement (there really should be a digital badge for THIS). These days we really can’t take anything for granted with local businesses, so let me take a moment to remind you that local laser tag arenas (and all small businesses) need their customers and members now more than ever. If they are able to be open, I encourage you show them your support. Of course, play safely (wear a mask, wash your hands and keep your social distance), but please know that your patronage is important so that local arenas can continue to offer laser tag games in the future. Congrats to FWH for being part of the central New York community for 12 years!

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