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Hit Me with a Megabase

There are so many game formats available (true on many systems) that hardly ever get trotted out during public games. However, the day after Christmas was unusual at my local arena. First, it was open on a Monday (to accommodate the vacation week) with a decent amount of players of all ages. Second, we were offered some unusual game choices including one I could not recall having played before…Megabase.

So let me explain the game, including a few key points that were inadvertently overlooked during the briefing (ahem…Boxes, Felt). First, every target in the arena became a base. That includes standard bases, wall targets and beacons. For some reason only 11 (out of a possible 13) seemed to be active, but that is still a lot of targets to hit.

Here’s the first thing that Boxes overlooked when explaining the rules. He said each base was worth 1001 points. In actuality, they were worth 5001 points.

The other thing Boxes failed to mention (he says he did, but you believe whoever you think is the more credible source) is that you can deactivate all the bases more than once. Well…that’s how THIS happened.

I enjoyed Megabase and am surprised it hasn’t come up more often because people love to rack up high scores and with a proper explanation lots of players could walk out with a nice, high score.

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