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How Did I Almost Miss This?

When I travel I try to thoroughly research the laser tag arenas in the area, but somehow it got passed me that there was one more tag location in Saint Peters that I had not visited the previous day. So I drove back into Missouri to catch a game at Bowlero St. Peters.

My favorite part about playing at Bowlero is that I often find my sentimental favorite, Rift,  in the briefing room, so I was excited to get vested up for the game.

I have to say this barely felt like the Rift I am familiar with. It seemed to have an extra long deactivation buzz and, although it played incredibly well, it somehow just felt a little bit different. This is not a complaint, just an observation of something I was surprised by, so it made for an interesting game against game master Alex.

It also feels like home every time I see these walls.

I was a little surprised to see this particular theming because so many of the Bowleros I have been to recently have adopted the same Urban Mission aesthetic, but I really enjoyed my time in this two-story arena that I almost missed.

As it happened, it was a good thing that I ended up in this vicinity again. It put me in a great position to enjoy a nearby sushi restaurant my friend TJ had recommended in the area. So after my game I’m headed over to this gold tower of the Westport Plaza and went inside.

I found the restaurant called Drunken Fish to be a really unique sushi experience….the calamari were as large as chicken fingers and the roll I had included cheesesteak and mushrooms…so definitely something different. That’s why I believe I was meant to miss this arena the day before and circle back the next day just so I could take a side trip to this restaurant. Thanks for the heads up TJ!

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