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Laser Memories from 2022

While playing my last few laser tag games of 2022, I contemplated how many amazing laser tag experiences I had this past year.

As we look forward to ringing in 2023, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on my top 10 favorite laser tag experiences of 2022.

1. Being on the Laser Tag Day poster

Getting asked to be the 2022 Laser Tag Day poster model definitely takes the cake! It was as much an honor to be the poster girl as it was to actually wear the rare Pulsar pack, which was sent over from the U.K. for my photo session before it was eventually forwarded on for inclusion in the Laser Tag Museum’s collection.

2. Speaking at the Laser Tag Convention

It was a privilege to be able to talk about how Exceptional Arenas Make A Lasting Impression to a group of laser tag industry professionals in Las Vegas. I am delighted to say I will be returning to the convention as a speaker in 2023 as well.

3. My 400th laser tag arena

I had planned for months to mark this milestone number playing at Kynytyx. Although there were a few timing challenges to overcome in making it happen, the way it all came together makes it even more special to say that this new business on Long Island was officially my 400th arena played.

4. Playing in the U.S. Zone Nationals

This was quite an experience and an adventure all around! As a player without a proper Zone site anywhere nearby for practice, I pretty much rely on tournaments as my sole opportunity for this kind of competitive experience. It was great to be adopted onto a team to be able to enjoy being part of a national tournament level competition.

5. The return of Armageddon

After a two year hiatus following the COVID-19 pandemic, Armageddon returned and our team reunited and expanded. It was great to be playing together again and this event was definitely memorable!

6. Laser Unfocused Tag Talk

I’ve been talking about doing a laser tag podcast for a while and this year I finally made the leap and got it started. This year I recorded and released my first 12 episodes and you can hear new episodes every first and third Friday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube.

7. Interviewing the industry leaders

During IAAPA in Orlando I spent several days interviewing the laser tag industry leaders from every major manufacturer in attendance. I thank them all for taking the time to share their latest innovations and knowledge about the future for the laser tag industry.

8. Laser Tag Day

I started Laser Tag Day being interviewed on several of central New York’s top radio stations before bringing Tag 4 A Cause to a local arena where I signed autographs on the Laser Tag Day poster. Talk about the celebrity treatment!

9. Touring Battle Company HQ

I’ve been fortunate get to visit several laser tag manufacturer's home office locations. This year I got both a tour of the Battle Company headquarters and an opportunity to tag at their on-site arena with their staff while I was passing through Wisconsin.

10. The story behind the Tivia avatar

Technically the Tivia avatar was released by Laserforce at the end of 2021, but I didn’t hear the full story until I sat down with Rohan Kelly during IAAPA 2022 where he confirmed on the record that this avatar was in fact actually designed with me in mind. As a side note, just last night I played laser tag and a younger player asked me “why does the picture on your screen look like you?” I am so pleased that THIS is the answer to that question.

So as we say goodbye to 2022, I am so thankful for all the amazing opportunities that I have had in the world of laser tag. I already have a few big plans for 2023, so stick around and let’s see what cool adventures the new year brings!

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