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Lisa Lisa Loves Laser Tag!

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet hip-hop/pop music icon Lisa Lisa, a legendary singer who began generating hits as part of Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam in roughly the same time that laser tag was beginning back in the 80s. Our visit was delightful and enlightening because I learned that Lisa Lisa loves laser tag!

Specifically, she told me that she loved playing laser tag with her kids and she was so sweet to record this video message prior to her performance at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

I must admit, I had myself a fangirl moment talking with Lisa Lisa, as she is truly one of my favorite recording artists of all time and this was such a nice encounter.

I appreciated her signing my sheet music to Lost in Emotion and she got a kick out of seeing this sheet music for the first time!

That song begins with the lyric “hit the beat now”, but I’m thinking that as a laser tag shout out, maybe that line should be “hit the BASE now!” :)

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