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My 450th Arena

I didn’t realize at the start of this trip that I would end up playing my 450th arena along the way. However, once it became apparent, I intentionally chose The Castle Laser Tag in Gaithersburg, MD to be the site for this milestone number.

I picked this place in no small part because I remembered having a great time a few years ago at their sister arena in Bowie, MD. This arena also proved to be a lot of fun!

I really enjoy playing Zone Helios Pro, so that was also part of the appeal. This arena features four bases (a couple of them are unusually placed) and two large tower structures accessible by ramps.

The towers are the most unique part of this arena, adding height and texture to the space.

It’s a very pretty arena with a “scenic view” décor on the outer walls.

This was a rather light game, but exactly what I needed after two days of travel completed and a second night of tournament competition still ahead of me. I took home a t-shirt as a souvenir of the experience and left this site feeling rather amazed that the jump between arenas 400 and 450 had happened so quickly.

I’m so grateful I’ve had as many opportunities as I have for the awesome laser tag adventures I’ve chronicled along the way. Celebrating number 450 was wonderful…now it’s time to journey towards 500!

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