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On My Way…

I picked up one more arena visit this week while detouring through Peekskill, NY for a game at Spins Hudson. This stop was on my way to my final destination of the night, but as my 499th laser tag arena it also sets me up to be on my way to number 500 later this month!

I had checked this arena out and even had some discussion about it with another player as we were searching for a quality arena in this part of the state that happened to run Lasertron. I think this place hits the mark in a lot of ways!

The team at Spins Hudson were fantastic. I spoke to both Steven and Andre about my visit in advance and they were incredibly accommodating, making sure I could play a game that fit into a rather tight travel schedule. Staff member Julia took me to the vesting room where 32 packs were ready to go. We prepared to go in for a free for all shields up/down game.

This was a sharp looking, mirror-image two story arena, symmetrical with bases and rechargers on both levels. At 5000 square feet it feels like closer quarters because they have a lot of tube structures and barriers included in the arena design.

Double-back ramps get you up to the second floor, where most of our game took place.

Julia was great to spar with in the arena and the game was so much fun! I was impressed with the arena I found behind this wall.

I also found myself intrigued by the other attractions, like the indoor and outdoor ropes course. Perhaps I’ll get to try this on my next visit to Spins Hudson. I’m sure I will be back!

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