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One Arena’s Final Day

I wanted to pay a visit to Sportime USA in Elmsfod, NY and I had my opportunity just in the nick of time. We shifted gears to play this arena on their final day in this location.

According to their website, Sportime USA will be reopening in a new location in June, but in order to play at this specific arena where it stood we had to get there on this final day or we would miss the chance.

We had a bit of extra inside the arena as the staff rebooted the computer. I took advantage of this opportunity to take a couple of stages pics in the arena while it was available to us.

And of course I wanted to document this for posterity while the arena was still in its current location. Aztec guessed it to be around 1300 square feet, compact in the small space.

Then once the game got started we played some shields up/down Lasertron. It was a fun game of cat and mouse in a space well sized for that kind of game.

When the game was over and the overhead speakers announced “high score players, both our packs started to ding. Yep, it’s a tie!

Not a bad way to round out one of the final games this arena would see before Sportime USA moves to a new location.

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