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Quick Stops (I Assure You a Two Minute Game Is Fine with Me!)

While passing through New Jersey a theme began to develop. This trip would include a lot of memorable Quick Stops!

I assure you this is a real store…and they are open!

However, my laser tag quick stops were something different all together. Several arenas were kind enough to grant me short games in order to make sure that I was able to experience their laser tag on my already tight schedule (and theirs) and I am very appreciative that I had the opportunities. These are the stories of three laser tag experiences that were each literally two-minute games…talk about a really “quick stop!”

My day got a lively start as I paid a visit to Lively Laser Tag in Springfield, NJ.

I had wanted to check this place out for a while, but did not realize that they would be fully booked all day with birthday parties and not anticipating walk-ins like me. I pretty much had only this one brief window of time if I was going to be able to see what Lively had to offer. Thankfully, Trish (the owner) was wonderful enough to make a quick window of time for me in between her party groups so that I could do a two-minute game, 1v1 against staff member Ryan.

I was immediately impressed to see an homage to Broadway with some beautifully inspired NYC theming that harkened back to a few of my favorite stage shows.

I love when an arena features something that is not only creative and different, but also gives a nod to something local. This was a perfect fit! A couple of circles around the arena gave me a taste of what Lively Laser Tag is all about. There were raised areas in the corners to give players a bit of height. I really liked what I saw here. It’s no wonder they are so popular with their party groups!

The next day I drove out to Bounce About Laser Tag in Toms River, NJ.

The reasons were different, but once again I was given a two-minute opportunity to get in a game before their day got busy. This was an arena that I would have definitely loved to spend ore time playing, but appreciate that they made a concession to allow me a brief experience on a day when both time and staffing were tight.

The theming is what stood out to me the most in this 4500 square foot double level arena. I’m told the aquatic theme was hand painted by four artists from Florida. It was definitely an eye catcher!

Sometimes theming is what catches my attention. However, when I visited Fun Time Junction in Fairfield, NJ what stood out to me the most was how well suited their space was to the youngest laser tag players. This fun center is specifically geared for kids, so they have chosen the vestless Laser Blast gear to be easy for little ones to use without having to wear a pack. I enjoyed chatting with the owner, Scott, about the vinyl-style arena and the intentions he has for growing his laser tag in the future. I was delighted to get my final two-minute game against staff member Kai so I could check out this space while Scott was giving a briefing to a group of party kids who were really excited about experiencing laser tag. I played just long enough to call it a game and then make way for the smiling faces who were ready to take my place.

Different arena styles function well for specific clientele and I could tell all these arenas were focused on giving their younger customers an awesome laser tag experience. However, I want to thank them all for giving me enough of a taste of the experience as well so that I could share a bit about what they have to offer. These quick stops were all memorable…as was one more Quick Stop in New Jersey.

Shifting gears, I am a big fan of Kevin Smith. When I learned that the Quick Stop Groceries in Leonardo (where he filmed both Clerks and Clerks III) was a place where you could actually visit and shop, there was no question I was going to have to make a detour.

So, here are a couple of pics of the most memorable Quick Stop that I was able to visit on this trip to New Jersey along my way to Tag 4 A Cause. Enjoy!

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