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Rhode Island Rocks

When we last left off on the heels of visiting New Orleans I hinted that New England was up next on my “Oops, I Did It Again” second time around laser tag tour of all 50 states. Conveniently enough, I took off for Rhode Island for the weekend and got to check off this state again, this time with a visit to Launch Trampoline Park’s laser tag arena in Warwick while I was in the area.

The arena itself was a single level, but it was located on the third floor of this FEC. I walked up the flights of stairs that led to the arena tucked away on the upper level. A game was in progress, so I asked the teenage marshal if there was a party going in next or whether I might get into a game right away. He said I could do a game right away, but it would just be me. I asked if a staff member could play against me and he said “sure…if you want to lose!”

A smile must have spread across my face, because there is nothing more fun than showing a cocky teenager what kind of game I have in the arena. I said “I like your confidence…I want to play against YOU!”

To my chagrin, three young teen boys showed up right then, so I didn’t get the chance to play a 1v1 with the brash young marshal, who I am sure never would have seen it coming. :)

However, I had a decent game with those players and I got to appreciate a rather unique arena with some interesting structures right in the center.

I loved getting to play some Zone (Helios) and it was a good way to kick off my Rhode Island weekend.

I spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with some of my favorite people on planet earth and also reconnecting with an amazing woman who my friends and I are so happy to have joining us as part of our “crazy, extended family reunion.” However, most people would recognize her best because her voice first became iconic in the 80s, right around the same time as laser tag was first emerging.

So in case you didn’t know it, laser tag rocks… and this weekend, so did Rhode Island!

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