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Sometimes Art Just Speaks to You!

I have been wanting to visit Ultrazone Extreme Laser Tag in Myrtle Beach, SC ever since learning that it was re-opened in 2017 under new ownership, restoring it to a quality laser tag experience. Visiting this site was really the main reason that I detoured into South Carolina in the first place. Even before I walked through the door, I was blown away by what I saw here. Check out this AMAZING artwork that decorates the exterior of the building!

I absolutely LOVE this beautiful laser tag art adorning the outside of the building. Sometimes when you see a piece of art it just speaks to you! This was impressive and really made me stop and take notice.

I must say, this first impression really helped set the stage for the experience that was to follow. I deliberately made this the final stop of my day so that I could take advantage of the Power Play special to play the most tag possible before the end of the night. The very first game I played was a special format called Survivor. The game master (who I will call "Matthew" because the way he talked reminded me of Matthew McConaughey…all night long he kept saying alright, alright, alright!) had offered the group the choice of game formats. He took a vote of everyone in the briefing room and the ayes (or in this case maybe the “eyes”) have it, so Survivor was the game on deck.

I don’t believe I have ever played Survivor on Zone equipment and I was interested to see how this would compare with other elimination games I have experienced. In this game you start with 10 health and it goes up or down throughout the game, however once you are eliminated you are out. I was determined to play the entire length of the game.

We entered the vesting room and I put on the Element pack before heading into the arena.

This arena is spacious and has a good flow between the levels. Ramps and sections on the upper level made for some interesting game play.

At the end of the game there were three of us who had survived to the end, and I was pleased to see my Element pack was at the top of the scoreboard with the high score of the game. It’s always nice to do well when trying a format out for the first time.

We followed this with a couple of more standard team games, and I was on the red team, spending much of the game defending the base located underneath this cool structure.

I really like the look of the three base housings, all similarly styled.

One thing I really liked about the way "Matthew" (sorry for not getting his real name) led the games was that he stayed engaged with the group and did some sideline coaching over the loudspeaker by announcing periodically "you are in stage one of the game, keep moving around" or "in stage three of the game, don't forget to tag the opposing bases" and the like. It was the most interaction I've seen a game master have with a group...maybe ever! Kudos to this guy for doing a great job.

The final game I played at Ultrazone I was (unofficially) designated by “Matthew” to be a team captain and help the team along and I was happy to see this group of players excel. Some had played throughout the night and some were new to the game, but everyone had a great time!

Getting to play a few games at Ultrazone Extreme Laser Tag definitely made for a worthwhile reason to return to Myrtle Beach. I thoroughly enjoyed the game along with the whole atmosphere. The stunning artwork out front paired with an exciting arena inside makes this a very memorable laser tag experience!

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