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Stars and Strikes Forever

I had two opportunities on this trip to visit Stars and Strikes Entertainment locations in North Carolina, first in Raleigh and then later in Concord.

Both locations feature Lasertron, but Raleigh looked completely different from most of the Tron arenas I have experiences. There was a Creative Works arena instead of the traditional Lasertron build, so this was memorable largely because of the aesthetic, but also for the elements that were played a bit differently.

This arena had two levels.

Two base housings were found on the lower level.

However, the most interesting targets were positioned as part of these jet plane props suspended from above on both sides.

So, when I think of Stars and Strikes in Raleigh, I will think about how unique it was to play Tron in a very non-Tron setting.

Stars and Strikes in Concord was far more traditional.

This site looks like Lasertron and both levels feature a more traditional Lasertron structure.

This game was interesting because I played against a young man who had been waiting for someone to show up to play laser tag with. With only two of us playing the game it was a bit of a back and forth, cat and mouse game. I knew I needed to play lightly to keep things fun for both of us, so I simply matched his shots, but made sure he was able to get the final tag in before the game ended. We both had a great time and he walked out of that arena with some bragging rights, so it was an enjoyable experience. Since there are multiple Stars and Strikes locations in various cities, I will look forward to playing one of these centers again!

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