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Tactical Tag 4 A Cause Night is a Success at Tac Ops

Tag 4 A Cause night at Tac Ops Tactical Laser Tag in Fairfield, NJ was the first tactical fundraising event I have done and it was a tremendous success! My sincere thanks to owners Armando and Mike for their generosity and donating 25% of the booking fees from our two special sessions in support of LIG Global Foundation. We had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed plenty of laser tag!

When I arrived at Tac Ops I set up the Tag 4 A Cause table with not one, but two trophies and special awards for the various games.

Each session would include three Free for All solo games from which the player with the high score would win the golden phaser trophy. However, there would also be three special format games and I had a special golden phaser medal for each special format MVP player. And, as always, every Tag 4 A Cause player received this quarter’s laser tag 5K medal as thanks for their support for the cause. Since we were supporting LIG Global Foundation, the medals had a “global” theme.

As players started to arrive for the first game session I presented them each with their medal.

Daniel Guerriero, Executive Director of LIG Global Foundation participated as well along with some foundation friends and supporters.

Shane, Gabby and Jeremiah prepared the Battle Company BR Pro taggers and provided a thorough briefing session. Some of the participants had played laser tag before, but we also had quite a few people experiencing the game for the first time.

Once everyone had their headsets on and BR Pros in hand the first group was ready to head into the arena.

Inside the arena the group was excited to play a truly immersive game experience.

It was an exciting session! Special format winners included Totin as Team Standard MVP, AaronTuned as King of the Hill MVP and KarolG as Domination MVP, each winning a special medal. The first golden phaser trophy went to Ryan “Totin” Torres for his solo score of 58!

Several players purchased a second session  and joined us for the next round, which again began with a solo game before I checked in on each team at their base (red in the office and blue in the barber shop) before a team game of Capture the Flag.

Everyone played very enthusiastically!

The second group gathered for the awards ceremony by the tank.

AaronTuned was MVP of both Capture the Flag and Domination, while ElunoDos was Team Standard MVP. The golden phaser trophy for this session was presented to Chris “ElunoDos” Rivera!

My thanks to everyone who participated! Special thanks to Tac Ops for their generosity and for hosting Tag 4 A Cause night.

The event resulted in $600 being donated to LIG Global Foundation to help them continue their good work and I am so appreciative of all the support shown by Tac Ops and the laser tag players who attended.

This was an amazing way to wrap up a very successful Tag 4 A Cause night at Tac Ops Tactical Laser Tag!

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