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Tagging in Texas (Unexpectedly!)

Since I was supposed to be doing Tag 4 A Cause in Wyoming this weekend you’re probably wondering how in the world did I end up tagging in Texas instead?

Well, I had hopped on a flight Friday morning, fully intending to go to Wyoming, but by the time my connecting flight rolled around at DFW airport it became obvious that Wyoming was about to get slammed with a really big blizzard. Predictions were for up to 18 inches of snow and it was foreseeable at that point that things could get very bad for travel. So, while I am in the middle of the airport and mid-way through the journey I speak to the arena management and we decide that it is best to postpone the event. However, I am already in Texas at that point, so I decided to make the best of it and detour towards Austin. That’s it how my weekend turned on a dime and landed me in the Lonestar state to play tag at 11 laser tag arenas before the weekend was done. I had to pack the most experiences possible into my trip, because you never know if/when I’m going to get back this way again. Hindsight has verified that we made the right call and I will reschedule Tag 4 A Cause at Flight Zone at a future date. However, it seems that I was simply meant to be tagging in Texas this weekend and now I have lots of new stories to share!

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