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Tagging To Win a Bar Bet

Between the player BBQ social and the start of Zone Nats there was a window of a couple of free hours where I wanted to check out another nearby arena at Doyle’s Outpost in Alexandria, VA. I told RNT and Travis that I would meet up with them around 10:00 and by the time I arrived the guys were already there and had taken a seat at the bar. I joined them and learned that there was a challenge put on the table and we were ready to take it on.

I don’t know exactly what had been revealed about our backgrounds (all of us are into triple digits for number of arenas played) or what brought us to town, but Travis had successfully gotten the bar managers to wager some drinks on the outcome of a 3v3 laser tag game in their arena. Three staff players of their choice would play against the three of us for three Jager bombs. One piece of info I’m sure they didn’t know was that Travis’s code name is Jagerking for a reason! So, game on!

We went into the briefing room to play against our three opponents, Matt, Chef B and TJ.

I jokingly played dumb as I put on my Delta Strike Evolution pack. “How does this work?” I asked while batting eyes and acting clueless. :)

Their coworker wanted to make sure we had the same info about the arena that the staff players had and she told us to steer clear of the Abraham Lincoln sculpture that would target you if you got too close.

I thought this was a really cool accent piece to feature in an arena this close to our nation’s capital. I also liked it because I have never seen this particular piece before, even though the rest of the arena was a pretty typical CW aesthetic.

This game took place predominantly on the upper level. We all played hard and they put up a VERY good competition! This was by far the best game I had played this entire day, which was awesome (and not a bad confidence boost before heading into the tournament later that night).

At the end of the game we checked the scoreboard and we had won, but I must say the scores were kept very tight! We returned to the bar and enjoyed the victory.

RNT told Travis he had only beaten him by 20 points…but wait, which pack did he have? I had actually top scored, RNT next and then Travis (so technically Travis owed RNT a drink!), but we were all within only 20 points of each other, so that was pretty cool to see how evenly those scores played out.

A good time was had by all and the staff at Doyle’s Outpost were awesome!

What a fun way to warm up before heading into night one of team comp at the tournament!

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