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The Laser Tag Convention

Having an invitation to present at the 2023 Laser Tag Convention was the primary catalyst for my travels to Las Vegas and also an ideal way to spend International Laser Tag Day as this year both events happened to coincide on March 28th. I was delighted to reprise my presentation about how Exceptional Arenas Make A Lasting Impression.

I arrived at the Westgate and got my press pass loaded up with a full cache of ribbons declaring me a guest, a speaker, a laser tag attendee and a museum donor. Nice!

This was my access to an early morning interview with Jarrett Payton, former NFL and CFL running back and celebrity broadcaster (also the son of Walter Payton) where I learned about how much his kids love laser tag.

He was there to be the keynote speaker for Amusement Expo International, but I greatly appreciate him taking the time to provide me with some comments that I will include in an upcoming podcast episode, but also invite you to listen to here.

This man an absolute delight to talk with! As was Petr Putkoff, manufacturer of EXO laser tag, who I ran into as we were both heading into the first presentation of the day.

There was a full roster of industry professionals slated to speak including:

Lathan Gareiss - owner of ARC Studios

Adam Kleinhenz - Business Development Specialist at Shaffer Distributing Company

Bryan Severence - CEO of Fallout Zones

Sheryl Bindeglass - Owner of Sheryl’s Golf in  Martinsville, NJ

Sherry Howell - Brand Engagement Director at Center Edge Software

Laurie Jean Britton - Blogger/Podcaster for

It certainly was a full day of education slated for this year’s convention.

The opening presentation was Lathan Gareiss of ARC Studios discussing “Building the Arena” and creating the most exciting experience for your guests. I was flattered to be pictured on his title slide, which was being projected on the screen as we walked in.

Kevin from Invasion Laser Tag joked with me saying “hey, that looks a lot like you!” :)

I enjoyed seeing his photos and think that it is interesting that we had some overlap in arena examples shared between our presentations, illustrating that great minds think alike when it comes to what makes for an impressive arena.

I took some time during the day to visit with friends and operators and mind the convention booth. Before I knew it I was on deck to speak.

I thank everyone who attended my seminar, but for those who did not, you can watch it here.

My talk was followed up by the Laser Tag Roundtable Discussion, led by Erik Guthrie.

This completed a full day of educational courses specific to laser tag operators. Then we had some social time planned at the Laser Tag Reception.

This was a nice opportunity to visit with the convention attendees and learn more from one another.

This was a great way to kick off a busy few days of putting a spotlight on laser tag.

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