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There’s No Place Like Home

After nine days of being on the road (or in the air) for tag travels I am back at home and smiling as I reflect on all the amazing memories made over the course of this past week.

I have a ton of stories, photos and videos to compile, so the telling of this trip will likely take place a bit out of sequential order. Overall highlights include:

*Playing in my 500th laser tag arena

*Being a guest presenter at the laser tag convention

*Interviewing Jarrett Payton (son of Walter Payton)

*Interviewing all the laser tag manufacturers at the Amusement Expo International

*Hosting the most successful Tag 4 A Cause night to date at Battle Blast in Las Vegas

*Appearing (and laser tagging) live on the Las Vegas local morning news to promote Tag 4 A Cause

*Feeding a giraffe…yep, I just tossed that one in there!

*Driving to California for several unique experiences including playing Netronic and EXO

*Flying from one side of the country to the other to be present and play for one iconic laser tag arena’s final day

And somehow I made it home in time to be able to show up for work the next day! All of the stories will be chronicled here, but I will share them in an order where I can best assemble my thoughts because there are so many things that I want to take the time to share properly. So over the next few days, please watch for more posts to be added here. Thanks for following along as my laser tag adventures continue!

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