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Tron Trek - Part 2: Checking Off My Final Xtreme Craze

Having played so far at all the Xtreme Craze locations except for one, I decided this trip to Massachusetts I would rectify that and check the last one off my list. That’s what prompted me to make a visit to Foxborough, where I think I had the best time out of all of them!

When I showed up I was told that they could accommodate a game in about twenty minutes, so I took this opportunity to visit the sushi restaurant just up the road. AMAZING sushi at Sushi Madness…just saying! By the time I returned the place was bustling with some customers, but none signed up right then for laser tag, so instead I had the chance to play a four round session with staff member Conner who gave me some EXCELLENT competition all the way through.

This arena has the sectors set up for a variety of game play options and differed a bit from the set-up of the last arena in that the bonus base targets would light up at each of the different sectors (as opposed to on the wall), which meant that three times during each game there was a frenzy to get the most targets tagged glowing underneath each of six sectors.

In between base activations Conner and I kept a tight cat and mouse chase that resulted in some VERY close results.

I absolutely LOVE to play games like this and often feel like it is more worthwhile to play against one really good sparring partner than with an entire public group. This single level arena was the perfect size for a session like this and it was the best workout of my day!

I’d report the results of my steps/distance, but unfortunately I was still using my low-end fitness tracker at this point in my journey and as I share this several days after the fact I can’t retrieve that data, which is one of the reasons I’ll be using a better quality tracker going forward, but let me just say by the end of this visit I had no doubt that I had tagged like a marathon runner and I left feeling the endorphins kicking in from another great workout. Tron Trek part two was a success!

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