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SM5 Just Beat Me Up! beat me to a pulp!

Let's preface this by saying it has been about three months since I've even touched a Laserforce pack. The last time I played SM5 was in the Armageddon. And of course I had extremely limited experience with it before then anyhow. But coming off of a few months of playing nothing but Zone this was a hard crash back to reality. But it is necessary for me to get good at this, so I am willing to pay my dues and put in some time and effort to learn it. That said...damn!

Let's just say this is as good as it got last night. My very first game of the night actually landed me in negative numbers! An embarrassing re-entry. I vowed to get my act together better than that, but the truth is for a moment I really think I forgot how to play Laserforce at all! Then I got over that and just realized my experience level needs to catch up with those around me. This isn't Saturday night. :)

The results above were from the second game. Certainly a far stretch from the greatest, but it wasn't my worst either. I got my bases and stayed in the game the whole time without being tagged out early. Both these games I played as scout. Up until this night that's the only position I had played (well, maybe ammo or medic once or twice). But then things got interesting. The randomizer for the first time apparently deemed me "ready" (stupid machine) to try other positions. So I took a turn playing heavy, ammo and medic in succession. It was interesting and more stressful play for me. And it's safe to think next time I'll get my first shot playing commander. Honestly, I miss scout already.

I know I'm still very green at this and making errors, but so far everybody has been decent to me during my learning curve. However, things get tense in that arena. I can't say this is a game I would choose just for fun when I'm in a tag mood (not that I could unless 11 other people hit that same mood just right), but at the same time it is good to start to broadening my skill set and this is something that I know will serve me well if I can get a handle on it. So this will be the next project I dedicate myself to. I will become decent at SM5...eventually. :)

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