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Close Calls

Close Calls

I think the theme of last night was an evening of close calls...meaning rounds that were won or lost by the margin of only one or two shots. On one hand I think that this makes things very interesting. I really do prefer to play out a good, close game and not be absolutely sure what the result will be until looking at the screen. That's one of the reasons I enjoy playing here. However, on the other hand it can be incredibly frustrating to lose by such a tiny difference. In the final game of last night I came in second by 50 points...that's one shot! ONE SHOT!!! I think Charlie Brown captured that feeling best...

But you know what, that's the stuff that makes you take it up a notch the next time around. And that's why I play every keep up the chops when you keep up with the challenge. So kudos to all who played hard last night...keep it close!

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