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Missouri - Part One: Having a (Cyber) Blast at Sports Fusion

Day two of my midwest laser tag trip began with me waking up in Kentucky and driving six hours to get myself to Missouri...absolutely worth it! My first stop in the Show-Me State was Sports Fusion in Chesterfield where I got to play a little Cyber Blast.

They have a very spacious, open layout in their two level arena and this was the first time I got to experience Cyber Blast with bases, mines and targets (which were missing the last time I played this system). I was the newcomer to a group that had apparently just played a few rounds, so I took a bit of time walking the perimeter to familiarize myself with the space. They have plenty of room with some pretty good sight lines throughout the maze.

The photos don't do proper justice to some of the cool touches that can be found throughout.

I expected to find the bases on the lower level, but this center threw me a curve ball as both bases were on the upper level. I found the red base immediately, but took a little more time determining whether there were others that I was missing. Because there were four team colors playing I assumed there would be four bases...was I really missing that many? Nope, only two. And since I was playing on the red team I only had the blue one to go after. However, on a hunch I deactivated it multiple times, so I racked up some points with that (and by cycling my shots on the two girls trying to defend the base).

When we were done playing I admired the wall outside the arena which was adorned with the same posters I have hanging in my studio promoting International Laser Tag Day.

I added some cash to my fun card...

...and I played a bit of skeeball to win myself a Sports Fusion koozie.

You know I love some tag swag!

And I really enjoyed chatting with the owner Greg and the manager Tony about their facility, my thoughts about the arena and some of the other centers I planned to visit while in the area. They were great and this center is quite impressive with lots of activities to enjoy beyond just laser tag including miniature golf, rock climbing and a huge slide for the kids. The staff was very accommodating and I appreciated the chance to talk tag. If I pass through Chesterfield again I would definitely return!

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