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Q-zar that isn't Q-zar

When the tournament was over it was time to meander home...but not without a few more laser tag stops along the way. I was intrigued to see that there was a Q-zar still open in Toledo...although in fairness I did my research in advance to learn that they don't actually still operate Q-zar equipment, which makes the name all the more unusual. Regardless, I was intrigued and wanted to see what they had to offer.

I arrived just minutes after they opened and knew perfectly well (even before walking in) that it would be unlikely there would be anyone there to play against that early in the day. I asked if there might be an employee who could go in for a one on one game with me. At first they said no, that employees could not play, but after explaining a bit about my unusual journey they conceded and allowed the game master, Abbey, to play a game with me. She showed me to the briefing room. I knew that we were going to be using Zone equipment (in a Q-zar center!) and told her I already knew how to play, however she did proper due diligence and gave me a briefing anyway. :)

She took me over to the vesting area and I expressed my surprise when we walked over to a rack of what looked to be Infusion packs. We suited up and went in to play a round.

It may have looked like we were playing Infusion, but the sounds I was hearing and the way the shots were hitting just didn't match. Neither did the fact that I was able to deactivate the opposing base six times. Turns out I wasn't playing Infusion after all...this was System T! Wow...this was a first and another surprise for me at this center. I really enjoyed chatting with the employees afterwards. It turns out that Abbey also plays laser tag wherever she travels, so she was good competition to go against. I asked if by chance they had any Q-zar merchandise for sale and they brought out two different Q-zar shirts!

I had to add these to my tag swag collection. :) This was definitely an unusual stop, but I had a great time and really appreciate the opportunity to play at Q-zar Toledo on my way through Ohio.

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