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The main reason for my trip to Maryland was to attend this year's PHOCON, a celebration of all things Photon held at XP Lasersport in Laurel, MD.

I wish I had longer to stay, but I enjoyed walking in to a fun atmosphere when I was greeted by Photon Chris saying "I wondered when you were going to show up!" :)

You know I wouldn't miss the chance to suit up in the vintage Photon gear straight out of 1984 (with some restoration to get the system back on line thanks to Marc Mueller and all the volunteers who work so hard for this event) and getting into a game.

And I always love taking home new tag swag from Phocon!

But what really makes this event special is watching all the old school players bring Photon back to life for a weekend out in one of the last arenas where it is really possible. I love the view from the observation deck as you hear the iconic female computer voice starting the game.

And while I was up there I also enjoyed meeting the gentleman who launched the Broken Arrow facility in Oklahoma some years back. When Jim walked in I greeted him by introducing myself and saying "I've sent you a lot of money over the years" as he is the person who I order all my Photon hats and shirts from. And before I left he was kind enough to send me off with one more souvenir that he had made.

Although I couldn't stay for more than a short time on Saturday it was still absolutely worth making the trip around this fantastic event. I can't wait to go back next year. The light still shines!

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