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Playing at my 70th Laser Tag Arena

The Mill in Bethlehem, PA is officially the 70th arena where I have had the pleasure to play laser tag!

I was really excited to reach this milestone (my goal is to eventually play at least 100 arenas, but hey, 70 is A LOT!) and all the more so because I got to play my 70th with Helios.

I love that this arena runs Zone.

There was a game in progress when I walked in, so I was glad to discover there was a group of players already there. I was led down a hallway to the vesting room where I took a moment to snap a few pics before going in for an enjoyable, casual game with time to check out this arena that is only about a year old. This is a small space, but definitely lots of fun. There were two structures where you could get a better view of the space. Everyone was having a blast which is always great to see. I played just hard enough to hold my position in the game, but I have to say I was pretty exhausted by this point in my journey. But I had a fantastic time and left feeling like I had achieved a pretty unique accomplishment. As I look back on the last two years I have had some amazing experiences traveling, competing in tournament events and exploring lots of arenas along the way. Because the 30th anniversary of Photon two years ago was such a benchmark in my laser tag journey it was especially wonderful to be able to end this weekend by hitting this milestone on this particular trip. Thanks to everyone at The Mill for letting me celebrate the big 70 playing in your arena. Here's to the next 70!

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