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Celebrating with Tag

These last two weekends going out to play laser tag has been really nice...and really needed. Some people know I am putting together a MASSIVE project right now and with one week to go I am in the home stretch. But last Friday was about as stressful a day as I had experienced in the entire year and a half I've been working on this, so with what felt like the weight of the world on my shoulders (and in my email box) I went off to play the most cathartic night of tag that really turned my mood around. Actually, this was the first time I can recall noting a physical change in me because of tag. I went in loaded down with all this stress in my world and after a night playing for fun and fun alone I felt SO much better! I got in several hours of exercise and endorphins which took everything off my mind for awhile and left with that weight lifted and feeling a hundred percent better. I also felt a bit more prepared since Razz was kind enough to lend me some party lights to make the event even cooler...big thanks!

Fast forward to this week...

It's Razz's, I mean "Tommy's birthday?" Eh, doesn't matter now :)

So a group of us got to have a chill night of playing some Force with a party room and pizza. Now THIS is the way to enjoy a night of tag!

And it was a great time with some players who I haven't seen in awhile. Kind of a nice reunion to have this group playing tag together at the same time. I am glad I had the chance to play with them all and it made for a really fun night. There is no better way to celebrate! And it was a great way to clear my mind before the craziness that is about to hit in this coming week...I think I may need to play some more tag to get me through. Well, there's always Thursday night! :)

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