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The End of an Era...Farewell Laser Quest Rochester

I realize that if you look back on this blog you will find a post titled "Why I'm Just Not Wild About Quest", but I must say over time my appreciation for it grew and I am saddened to know the Rochester Quest will be closing their doors in two weeks.

So I made the trip out to play here one last time...or two because they are running a special to thank their customers.

The staff at "mission control" we're really appreciative when I told them how far I drove to play my farewell games here.

I haven't been here in probably about six months so my status as number 1 ranked member has dropped to 10 in my absence and inactivity. I wonder if I can do enough to boost it while I'm here? :) So I took my game cards and got ready to head into the briefing room and play the arena for one final night.

And I had a great final time in the arena. After playing just one game my rank had jumped from 10 back to 1. (...and don't get me wrong, I still know my place when I play with REAL Quest players ala Potomac Mills...if there were serious members here the place wouldn't be closing)

Seems like a good place to leave things. :) After my second game played against a rowdy group of college aged players who definitely thought they owned the game and were eyeing me when they saw what happened I enjoyed being called in first place again while the radio played Aretha Franklin's "Respect". :) It was well worth the trip to have the chance to remember the good times I have enjoyed playing here in the past. I am sorry to see the Rochester location close, but I will look forward to the next time I play some Quest elsewhere.

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