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Tag Swag...and Some In Progress

A quieter night, but still worth the trip to tag in order to make some headway on a project I have in the works. I'm in the process of designing some custom laser tag themed fabric and I needed a model for the player silhouettes, so shout out to Nate for helping me with a few pics between games to give me profile shots to work from that will accurately depict a player in the game. For all the photos I take I realized most of mine look like Charlie's Angels rather than what you might look like while actually playing laser tag.

Why am I doing this? Well, I credit Katt for getting my gears spinning. She's my LLR rep and a couple months back she wrote me a note saying "now we just need some laser tag leggings". Well...with my seamstress skills and some printing knowledge from my friend J-Bay I think I can actually make such a thing happen. This may take a few weeks and I'll likely start with something simpler like a tunic or a t-shirt, but in theory the only reason I can think of that this doesn't already exist is that most guys don't care about leggings...but I love a challenge, so I'll update as the project progresses.

I was almost ready to jump ship and head to the other center when a group showed up. Although there were less players than usual it was still a fun evening. And all the more so when I won some tag swag for my collection.

So the rest of this weekend will be about finishing my design...but now I can stay hydrated as I get that done!

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