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That Went Well...

This was my second weekend of heading to Lake George for Cyber Blast practice. I returned to Adventure Racing for their AYCP deal and was ready to make the most of it, playing a round and then heading immediately back into the briefing room (which is really more of a waiting room) and sometimes just keeping my vest on as the games ran pretty continuously. Beyond being a good value for getting a ton of games in during a short window of time it was also great to play steadily throughout the night with competitive groups.

I'm feeling pretty optimistic about playing this system in a tournament setting (and let's be real, this is a small scale local tournament I'm headed to, not a geddon or anything) so I'm soaking in everything I can. And because my frame of reference is somewhat limited with this system I am basing my impressions largely around the skill level of the others I'm playing against. That's why I'm so glad I've had two worthwhile nights of practice so far. Last week when gamemaster Jacob gave me props on my score of 25,000 I accepted that and figured that was the score range to aim for. This week I had an undefeated night and I averaged all my games between 20,000-24,000...except one. Remember how he told me his all time high score was 32,000? Well...

36,825. Smile. Not sure how this will compare with the player base from the Ohio center I'm heading to, but it certainly makes me feel ready to go in and face the challenge.

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