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Lazerland of LI

OMG, Lazerland of LI was PACKED on a Saturday night! When I went to the counter to buy my game passes I asked if I could get into the game that was going in at that moment. However, there was no chance of that. In fact I was sent to wait in a line for the next opportunity and just barely got into that game because they had so many people there waiting for a chance to play some Nexus in the arena. Now THIS is the kind of game I was looking forward to!

The arena was two levels and that made it feel a lot bigger than it probably was (although it was certainly a decent sized space). It almost felt like two separate games were being played between the two levels. The only thing I really wasn’t wild about was that instead of ramps they had stairs leading to the top.

I honestly feel that stairs should never be built into an arena. Even when you tell people not to run there is bound to be some quick movement. While I was there I watched two grown adults who were not moving all that quickly inadvertently knock each other down just from not watching where they were going, so I hate to see stairs brought into the mix as well. And I was particularly cautious going up and down between the two levels. But other than that I thought this was a cool arena and I was glad to see how busy they were.

I also took the opportunity to note…those walls! But I’ll have a bit more to say about that in a future post. :)

My favorite part of this visit (besides getting the high score)…

…would have to be the shopping for tag swag! They had a nice assortment of promo items for sale, so I picked up a hoodie, a t-shirt and a water bottle for my collection. What can I say, shopping and laser tag are definitely the best combination of my favorite things to do!

Thanks Lazerland of LI for a great time!

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