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Off to the Main Event

I believe Main Event Pittsburgh has been open for a little over a year. For the most part I find Main Event locations to be pretty similar (although to me this one beats the last one I visited by a mile for one reason Orlando where I was told they didn't have laser tag). However, there is still a "new vibe" here and I did feel like this one had a more impressive arena (albeit a single level) than many of the older locations.

Logan was not quite as enthused about this stop as I was, but was nonetheless a good sport and ready to go in and try Delta Strike again.

Although the arena still looked new and attractive, there was nothing dramatically different here.

They had the video screen base stations here, which I do not recall seeing at the other Main Events I have visited. These offer a chance to gain some extra points and power ups. When the game started I made a beeline for one of the bases, but had some difficulty with my phaser as I couldn't get it to fire on command. After about 30 seconds of nothing happening I was about to seek out a game master, but suddenly it started working, so I just continued along. However, Logan thought he experienced something similar during the game, so I'm not sure if it was just a fluke or if there may have been equipment issues to address. However, that didn't keep us from playing and the game was enjoyable, although quite the typical experience I've come to expect here. A nice diversion between stops, but we still had a lot more tag ahead of us before the night was over.

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