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Laser Quest Nashville

You might wonder how a trip to Spokane can suddenly morph into a trip to Nashville. Well, ultimately I am working on my goal to play in all the Laser Quest sites currently active in the US, and I actually just made the decision that I’m going to get to all the sites I have yet to play in Canada too. Working from the list on their website there were only seven US locations I still had to play. One was LQ Spokane (which is why I was headed there in the first place) and another was LQ Nashville. When flexible flying necessitates you roll with the punches and I saw that I couldn’t easily get to Washington, but I could get to and from Tennessee I just decided Spokane could wait for my next trip. That’s how it is that I came to play at LQ Nashville this weekend.

This is a really interesting location. First, let me thank Nashville LQ player Mark aka Froznshade for giving me some very useful info, particularly about the parking situation at this site. This LQ is in a VERY busy part of the Nashville entertainment district and parking on the street on a Saturday night was all but impossible. After driving around (and past the parking garage) several times I figured it was easier to just bite the bullet and pay for parking in a nearby lot. So I arrived just a little after 8:00.

I walked up the stairs (yep, this one is upstairs). Here’s the view from the top of the staircase…

Mark met me at the entrance and introduced me to manager Tom who made sure to get me into a couple of games right away since I was not going to be able to stay all night. I had hoped to play in an Ironman while there, however this LQ stays open later than most so their Ironman games wouldn’t start until 10:00 and 11:00. I had to be up by 3:00 AM to catch my flight home, so it was regular games for me. However, my first game in put me through my paces for sure!

There were just over thirty players in that first game. I found myself trying to figure out the flow of this 10,500 square foot space. It is different from most other LQ arenas in that there are four towers instead of three. As it was my first time in the arena I identified the areas by color (red, green, blue and white), but learned that the local players think of them by number instead. Until this was pointed out to me I never thought about it, but I always reference location in an arena by color…maybe that’s just me.

My score from that game was in the top ten, but definitely did not reflect what I am used to delivering when I play. However, in fairness, Froznshade is headed off to LQ Worlds soon and I don’t even have a Quest to practice at in my entire state, so I felt l at least held my own in that round against quality competition. We immediately went in for a second game. After a full day of tag prior to getting here these two back to back games felt just like an Ironman. Whew! Glad I got a chance to play early enough in the night. I’m also appreciative to be able to add this to my collection…

Even though I didn’t expect to be spending the weekend in Nashville this turned into a really wonderful tag adventure! Now I’m down to just six US LQ sites to complete that part of my goal. And after that…I’m headed for Saskatchewan!

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