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Back at LQ Danvers

Whenever I’m traveling in the Boston area one of my favorite things to do is play the Ironman game at Laser Quest Danvers.

LQ is always a fun time for players of all ages, but this particular night we had a group of adults getting ready to play the Ironman and our game marshall Todd made us all feel young by first engaging us in one of their front of the house games…Game Marshall Says.

Apparently I have to be competitive no matter what the game, so I played this version of Simon Says about as competitively as anything I would do in the arena and scored a gift certificate from the prize chest as an award for (tying for) most successfully patting my head, rubbing my stomach and stomping my foot simultaneously, lol.

Then it was off to the briefing room. Props to Todd for doing a very enthusiastic briefing.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, at least part of it was apparently for my benefit. He later revealed that their manager told them someone who had played a lot of Laser Quest was coming for the Ironman…I guess that’s me! It was a smaller group than usual, so as a result we went into the arena and had a half an hour of a game that was part 1v1 dogfighting and part playing cat and mouse throughout the space. It was a great time and one guy in particular was especially fun competition to trade tags with. I love the Ironman because it’s a longer experience and you have to pace yourself. By the end I was pretty sure I had won (which I did), but I enjoyed it simply because this game had a different flow to it and the pacing was such that I felt like I could have easily kept right on playing for another half hour!

As reward for winning the game they took my picture with the red phaser and gave me a free game certificate.

Many thanks to the staff of LQ Danvers for another awesome night. See you again next time I’m near Boston!

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