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No Review For You

There was one location I tried to play this past weekend, but was unable to after three failed attempts. I will not mention them by name. I’m going to try to be fair to them because there were reasons, but I still found it frustrating.

On Friday evening I plugged their address into my GPS and somehow ended up in a completely different place. As I was in an unfamiliar part of the state I needed some local help, so I called them multiple times to try to get some assistance and only got recorded prompts directing me to leave voicemail. I did get a call back, but not until the following day. It’s not their fault that GPS led me somewhere incorrect, but it did throw a whammy into my playing there that night.

By the time I got the call back the next day I had already stopped in that morning because when I Google searched the site (looking for a different way to access the address) I saw that they opened rather early on the weekend, so I figured I could detour that way before hitting the other tag sites I had planned on my trip. When I arrived, I was told that the laser tag didn’t open for another two hours. Sheesh! Now, I have since learned that they designate those first couple of hours of the day for young children (and that’s fine), but unfortunately that was not clear when I saw their hours online, so I asked the staff member at the counter if I came back later and there was nobody around could I play a one on one with a staff member (as I hated to think I’d be hanging around for two hours and then be stuck with no game). She flatly said no, but that there are always customers around to play laser tag later in the day.

So, I left and returned back later that same day. What she did not mention was that later that day they would be closed for a private event! When I arrived, at first I was pleased to see a good crowd of people and yet when I walked back up to the counter I was told about the event and that I could not play. Sigh.

Again, in fairness to them, I can accept that there were reasons why it didn’t work out (well, except for not answering the phone on Friday night. I don’t see a good reason for not having someone answer phone calls during business hours). However, the bottom line is that I am a customer who three times made an effort to play at their site on a weekend during regular business hours and was not able to do so, which leaves me thinking that I might not make the effort to return again.

This also leaves me thinking that this is a good time for me to share something that goes through my head whenever I hit one of those rare brick walls that keeps me from playing at a site. If you love Seinfeld like I do then please enjoy this familiar face…if not, just chill because this is only meant to be funny. :)

So, there you go. If you want a nice review then it’s easy:

  1. Answer your phone

  2. Have your arena open during all business hours

  3. Don’t shut down in the middle of a Saturday

And if I get to play at your site the odds are very good you’ll get a nice review because I always prefer to keep things positive. However, if I don’t get an opportunity to play and I walk away from your facility feeling frustrated three times then…NO REVIEW FOR YOU!

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