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A Bright Idea: Starting My Day at Edison’s

I began the second day of my St. Louis area tag travels with a visit to Edison’s Entertainment Complex in Edwardsville, IL, not far from the Missouri border. They opened their doors at 11:00 and I walked in at 11:01. I told them I knew it was early, but I wanted to play some laser tag and they were happy to accommodate with a game against a staff member. I said I wanted to play against the best laser tag player in the place. Tyler gamely stepped up immediately to that challenge, so Director of Operations Travis upped the ante and promised a free game to the winner. I brashly replied I could probably make time for a free game (with a wink…no egos to check in laser tag, ha!) and Tyler and I headed towards the arena.

We put on our CyberBlast packs and entered the arena to start what turned out to be an excellent (and pretty competitive) morning game of Blast. I was impressed with the 4000 square foot arena, beautifully themed with an Egyptian aesthetic.

There is a mezzanine-style second level, which I took note of because I’m seeing a lot of that style of arena-build on this trip. It does give a very nice overview of the arena.

Honestly, it isn’t the theme itself that stands out to me, but the excellent execution of the details. For example, the fog coming out of this tower certainly looks like the fires are burning somewhere inside.

And two pharaoh’s heads come to life as you are tagging the bases below.

The ramps are nicely playable and I was in the middle of working my way up one when all of a sudden…

I heard my track! Ok, not “mine” so much as the sounds of DJ Deac who created the track I have been given permission to use as the theme music for my podcast. So I excitedly pushed the game into overdrive in rhythm to that techno music, which if you need a refresher, you can hear at the beginning of my podcast and check out the latest episode while you are at it…

So as the music pulsed, we played hard, but in the end I had won the game. So Travis came into the arena and said “I’m a man of my word…want to play a free game?” And since I had a bit of time and the blood had really started pumping for the day I accepted and we went for a second round.

This was a ton of fun and I appreciate the hospitality. I loved my experience and can say for sure that starting my day at Edison’s Entertainment Complex was in fact a “bright idea!”

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