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A Tag 4 A Cause Pop-Up at Laser Zone Canton

Even though Tag 4 A Cause began as an online virtual challenge, one of my goals is to take it to laser tag arenas throughout the country and host in-person event nights where fundraising for a charitable cause and the laser tag 5K challenge can go hand in hand. Another goal is to have a wide variety of laser tag systems represented with these events. That’s why partnering with Laser Zone Canton for a pop-up event was something I was excited to pursue because this is the only site in America where I could have players participate in Tag 4 A Cause while using LQ laser tag equipment and that makes this site particularly special and unique.

I approached owner Steve Norch with the idea of holding a pop-up event at Laser Zone Canton that would include a high score trophy contest to help raise funds for this quarter’s cause, the American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

He was immediately on board for making it happen. I am working on making custom golden phaser trophies to resemble the specific system used at each host arena, so we incentivized participation with a chance to win this (as of now) one of a kind trophy with a unique phaser design on top.

I set up a space in the front lobby, right beside Mission Control.

Throughout the night we had participants of all ages making donations and joining the challenge, each hoping to pull the highest score of the night to win the trophy.

Before each game I had the chance to go into each briefing session and talk about the cause and the event in order to raise awareness for what we were doing.

And occasionally I joined in the game as well. After all, I couldn’t miss the rare opportunity to once again play this system that I thoroughly enjoy!

The theme for the night was “going for the gold” as players earned their golden medals and the staff brought out the golden victory phaser, which was actually my inspiration for the custom golden phaser trophy. We decided to have it on hand for the high score winner to hold for the photo at the end.

The winner of the high score trophy contest was Clint Oxendine aka HumnWizard with a score of 1413 points.

My thanks to everyone who participated and to the Laser Zone Canton staff for helping to make this event a success!

It’s great to work with arenas that care about making a difference and I am so glad that Tag 4 A Cause had a chance to pop-up at Laser Zone!

Just a reminder, you can still participate and support this cause between now and the end of December. Find out more at

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