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All The Comforts of Home

Nickel City in Orem, UT was a special, almost nostalgic experience for me because they had all the comforts of home…at least the ones that are specific to me and to my home laser tag arenas. Look at the arena and one thing should stand out right away…

Those walls!!! Anyone still keeping count of how many arenas I’ve played with these walls can still drop me an email with the number and I’ll send you a Tiviachick wristband. Yes, these walls are one of my top two creature comforts in any arena, second only to…

…getting to play some Rift! Now it may not be as flashy or fancy as other tag, but it is still what I played for countless nights at FJ, so on the handful of occasions where I’ve found these elements occupying the same space you can bet I am one happy camper! :)

Steve gave me a tour of the arena and I chatted with the manager, Dan, to acknowledge what this system is as well as what it isn’t and to voice some opinions about upgrades they might consider down the road. But for this one experience I was smiling and so energized as I played the version of Zone that is my personal equivalent of mom’s home cooking.

Ok, as for the arena itself, it was a single level with two raised platforms.

And in the middle there’s the baby version of the structure I see quite often (I forget, we’re we counting these too? Wristband contest is open for how many of these I’ve seen also, in any size).

The bases also bear the familiar housing of this specific CW theme.

While I love to see something different, this is the one design that gets a pass because I love to see how the elements are incorporated.

And if I look hard enough I’m bound to stumble across this guy as well.

I was amazed to find the pricing at only $4.00 per game, which is a deal anywhere. So for a great value and an experience that definitely struck a chord with me, make sure to drop into Nickel City of you’re looking for some laser tag in Orem, UT.

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