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Circling Around NJ

On my way to the Tag 4 A Cause night in New Jersey I had hopes of circling around a route to play at a few other arenas in the area. After checking on a few of them I ended up rolling into Circle Bowl and Entertainment in Ledgewood for what turned out to be a really great experience!

This is a sharp looking arena! The first thing I noticed were the “flying” warriors with jet packs suspended from the ceiling.

The shaped edges on the walls and the unique cut-outs are the kind of little details that are noticeable and elevate the arena design

And the aesthetic also had a sleek, contemporary feel and was familiar, but not a rehash of what I see in similar designs. In short, I really liked the look of this arena.

They run Zone Helios equipment and I enjoyed a game, alternating player tags (in a 1v1) with checking out the locations of all their bonus targets. The bases had walk around entrance and exit points that flowed well as a part of the arena space and we used them as such.

I chatted with staff member Angie about the various formats. On their signage at the entrance they promote that they have 22 game formats, but she noted that very rarely do they do anything other than standard games.

I think it is a shame that when an arena purchases a system with some great capabilities that they don’t utilize them fully. She cited the public’s preference as the reason they typically stick to the basics, but volunteered that the special game formats are always available to play and that the staff is well versed in the various formats, which was refreshing to hear. I was impressed with my visit to Circle Bowl and Entertainment and glad that the course of my day had me circling around to this visit to Ledgewood.

I had just enough time to get back to Wantage, enjoy a delicious burger at Cow Patty’s (yes, that’s the name of a restaurant I would return to any day!) and proceed with a full night of fundraising and fun.

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