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H2 Race Against the Clock

On a Thursday night I considered myself lucky to find laser tag arenas with games taking place, however the ones I wanted to visit were spread far apart, so to get to both of the remaining sites on my itinerary (and to be able to play some Helios 2 at each one) it was a race against the clock to make it before the end of the night.

I had about an hour and a half drive ahead of me to get to Xtreme Laser Tag in Terre Haute, IN before they closed for the night and when I arrived Caitlyn was there to welcome me and give me a tour of the arena.

I like spaces that are a little unique. This 7000 square-foot, single level arena was designed by the owner and would be an amazing space to play with more people on a busier night.

However, I had shown up at the end of a quiet evening, so we just did a quick 1v1 game, pausing for the occasional photo op next to one of the interesting elements like this little cave.

I’d love to return to play when I had more time, but this time around I got a condensed, but worthwhile experience at Xtreme Laser Tag.

This left me with just enough time to drive over an hour in the opposite direction, arriving at LaserLite Laser Tag in Bloomington, IN in the nick of time to get in on the last game of the night.

After a long day of travel and tag this final stop of the night was a bit of a blur (and I just don’t mean the photos).

My phone died mid-game, shortly after I destroyed this new H2 style base.

However, I can tell you the arena had a cool, woodsy look and I remember spending a fair amount of time on an upper level platform that I really liked. I wish I could show you more, but just trust me, this site is worth a visit if you are in the area. As for me, I was about to grab some coffee and leave the area en route to Fort Wayne in preparation for Tag 4 A Cause. I’m glad I had enough time to get in a very full day of tag experiences while I was in and around Indianapolis. Can’t wait to return!

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